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Why revamping recycling
measurement is no simple task

Since the European Commission unveiled its Circular Economy (CE) package last December, there has been significant discussion around the proposed legislation. And perhaps the most vexed topic to date has been how best to calculate recycling rates in the EU and whether to include reuse activities in that determination. As discussed in last month’s column,…

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Position Paper on EC’s
Legislative Proposals
on Waste under the CEP

Reloop is a platform that brings together industry, government, and non-governmental organisations to form a network for advances in policy that create enabling system conditions for circularity across the European economy. Reloop welcomes the release by the European Commission of the new Circular Economy Package (CEP) and is pleased with many of the proposed amendments. We…

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The launch of Reloop

March 25th marked the official launch of Reloop, the first pan-euro organization specifically focused on issues relating to waste prevention, reduction, and recycling that represents industry, government, and environmental organizations at the European Union level. Founded by like-minded interests who share a common vision for a circular economy, Reloop aims to work as a platform for advances…

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How to push refillables?

During the 5th European ReUse Conference held in Brussels in March 2015, we asked some experts the best ways to push refillable containers. These were their answers. [button color=”btn-info” size=”btn-large” fullwidth=”btn-block” link=”” icon=”fa-info” target=”_blank” ]More info on Reloop’s Yotube Channel[/button] [social][soc_button icon=”fa-twitter” link=”” /][soc_button icon=”fa-facebook” link=”” /][soc_button icon=”fa-linkedin” link=”” /][social/]

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