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May / 17

Why revamping recycling
measurement is no simple task

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Since the European Commission unveiled its Circular Economy (CE) package last December, there has been significant discussion around the proposed legislation. And perhaps the most vexed topic to date has been how best to calculate recycling rates in the EU and whether to include reuse activities in that determination. As discussed in last month‚Äôs column, […]

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Jun / 22

Top ten priorities
for Circular Economy Package

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The aim of this position paper is to provide a series of specific recommendations as input into the ongoing discussions on the development of the new Circular Economy Package Get the position paper or print it from here

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May / 14

Reloop in the Polish Parliament

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Green Business Norway recently organized a waste management seminar at the Sejm (the lower house of the Polish parliament) in Warsaw and Clarissa Morawski, the Managing Director of Reloop, had the chance to be invited as one of the keynote speakers of the meeting. The seminar, organized in partnership with the parliamentary committee on the […]

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