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Jul / 19

Policy Instruments to Promote Refillable Beverage Containers

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Refillable beverage containers have an important role to play in the circular economy. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, refillable systems offer tremendous economic benefits in terms of material cost savings and job creation, which are multiplied with each refill. Despite these benefits, the market share of beverages in refillable containers has declined rapidly in jurisdictions […]

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Jun / 29

Why Container Deposit Systems are Gaining Ground

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Since being introduced to the   market, single-use beverage containers have caused much debate – both in the beverage industry and among politicians and the public. A simple question sits at the center of the arguing: What’s the most efficient way to collect beverage containers for high-quality recycling? Though there are many who continue to […]

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Jun / 07

Studies Confirm
That Container Deposit Systems Show Big Net Savings for Municipal Budgets

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In recent years, there has been renewed interest in deposit-return systems (DRSs) for the recovery of beverage containers. These systems place a small deposit on beverage purchases, which is refunded to the consumer when the empty container is returned for recycling. As more countries consider DRS as a means to reduce litter and encourage recycling, […]

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