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Jan / 11

Reloop’s Position Paper on the upcoming European Commission’s Strategy on Plastics

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Reloop welcomes the European Commission’s announcement to publish a Strategy on Plastics in early 2018. This position paper aims to provide guidance and support on the development of an ambitious Plastics Strategy in order to help achieve a real circular economy of plastics and reduce its negative impacts on the environment. Click here to download […]

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Sep / 05

Deposit Return FAQs Answered

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On September 5, 2017, Scotland joined a growing list of countries around the world when it announced that it will be introducing a deposit-return system (DRS) for drinks containers to tackle marine and land-based litter. There are now over 40 jurisdictions worldwide that have implemented DRS, and the momentum continues to build. In this series of short […]

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Jun / 19

Deposit Return: How it Works

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Deposit Return: How it Works If we look internationally—Europe, US, Canada, Middle East, China, and Australia—massive efforts are underway to introduce or expand existing programs, as governments recognize deposit-return as a modern solution to litter caused by single-use bottles and cans as well as far superior recycling rates. New laws have received much public support, […]

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Reloop Releases Global Overview of Deposit Return Systems

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Press Release 9 June 2017 – As the problem of marine litter has steadily grown worse, there has been renewed interest in deposit return for the recovery of single-use beverage containers. Deposit return systems (DRS) are a proven tool to collect high quantities of empty beverage containers for reuse and high-quality recycling, and are vital to achieving […]

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May / 22

New Web Series on Benefits of Deposit Return

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Retorna, a Spanish NGO and a member of Reloop, has long been advocating for ambitious legislation to avoid millions of single-use beverage containers from ending up in landfills or littered in the environment. One of the ways it seeks to do this is by encouraging local governments to implement deposit-return schemes. In cooperation with Nikotxan, Retorna published […]

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Big news: Coca Cola backs deposit in Scotland

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22 February 2017 – In a major turn-around which John Mayhew, Director of APRS, has called a “landmark moment”, soda giant Coca Cola has announced their support for a deposit-return system for cans and bottles in Scotland: “The time is right to trial new interventions such as a well-designed deposit scheme for drinks containers, starting in […]

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Feb / 08

Deposit-Return Motivates Voluntary Switch to Refillables

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8 February 2017 – One of the most compelling arguments in favour of deposit-return for single-use beverage containers is that it opens the logistical opportunities for some local producers, where feasible, to make the switch to refillable bottles. A recent article published in Resource Recycling magazine (copied below) presents a perfect real-world example of how establishing a […]

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Prince of Wales Supports Deposits

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Prince Charles gives Keynote Speech at A4S Summit 2016 and questions, “why don’t we all have a deposit scheme for plastic bottles?”

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Why Deposit Return is EPR

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  If I described to you a consumer product system that spurred green design, established a take-back channel, increased recycling, and was all paid for by the producers of products, would you call that extended producer responsibility? More than two decades ago, Thomas Lindhqvist, a Swedish professor of Environmental Economics, coined the term extended producer […]

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Return to Spender

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Since being introduced to the market, there has been much debate – both in the beverage industry, and among politicians and the public – over the best way to collect single-use beverage containers for recycling and/or reuse. With several European countries moving forward with deposit-return schemes to complement their existing collection models, Reloop’s Clarissa Morawski […]

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