Jun / 19

Deposit Return: How it Works

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Deposit Return: How it Works If we look internationally—Europe, US, Canada, Middle East, China, and Australia—massive efforts are underway to introduce or expand existing programs, as governments recognize deposit-return as a modern solution to litter caused by single-use bottles and cans as well as far superior recycling rates. New laws have received much public support, […]

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Reloop Releases Global Overview of Deposit Return Systems

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Press Release 9 June 2017 – As the problem of marine litter has steadily grown worse, there has been renewed interest in deposit return for the recovery of single-use beverage containers. Deposit return systems (DRS) are a proven tool to collect high quantities of empty beverage containers for reuse and high-quality recycling, and are vital to achieving […]

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May / 22

New Web Series on Benefits of Deposit Return

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Retorna, a Spanish NGO and a member of Reloop, has long been advocating for ambitious legislation to avoid millions of single-use beverage containers from ending up in landfills or littered in the environment. One of the ways it seeks to do this is by encouraging local governments to implement deposit-return schemes. In cooperation with Nikotxan, Retorna published […]

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May / 11

Barack Obama Talks Food Waste in Milan

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The following article was written by James O’Hare and appeared in the Global Citizen on May 9, 2017. BARACK OBAMA JUST DROPPED SOME SERIOUS FOOD WASTE KNOWLEDGE IN MILAN Barack Obama may not be the president of the United States anymore, but as a private citizen, he’s continuing to fight for the humanitarian and environmental policies […]

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MP Jose Herrera Chairs Informal Meeting of Environment Ministers in Valletta

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Note: The following press release was issued by the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union. To access the original article, click here.  26.04.2017 Dr Jose’ Herrera chairs Informal Meeting of Environment Ministers in Valletta The Informal Meeting of Environment Ministers was held between the 25th and 26th of April under the Maltese Presidency and chaired by the […]

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Refillable Alliance Releases Joint Position Paper ‘Reuse’

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The following is a Joint Press Release from the Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe) and three other environmental and economic organizations that have joined forces to promote reuse. European Circular Economy Package: Waste prevention targets and separate reuse quotas necessary Organisers of the sixth European ReUse-Conference in Brussels call for the intensification and development of reuse […]

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Big news: Coca Cola backs deposit in Scotland

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22 February 2017 – In a major turn-around which John Mayhew, Director of APRS, has called a “landmark moment”, soda giant Coca Cola has announced their support for a deposit-return system for cans and bottles in Scotland: “The time is right to trial new interventions such as a well-designed deposit scheme for drinks containers, starting in […]

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The uncertain future of waste to energy

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21 February 2017 – Anyone engaged in waste-reduction policy has surely witnessed the intense debate that has been raging for decades around the notion of burning municipal solid waste to create power. Active lobby groups around the world regularly campaign for additional incineration capacity, citing the importance of reducing waste to landfill and finding ways […]

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Feb / 08

Deposit-Return Motivates Voluntary Switch to Refillables

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8 February 2017 – One of the most compelling arguments in favour of deposit-return for single-use beverage containers is that it opens the logistical opportunities for some local producers, where feasible, to make the switch to refillable bottles. A recent article published in Resource Recycling magazine (copied below) presents a perfect real-world example of how establishing a […]

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Prince of Wales Supports Deposits

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Prince Charles gives Keynote Speech at A4S Summit 2016 and questions, “why don’t we all have a deposit scheme for plastic bottles?”

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