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Jun / 26

Time to rethink consumption

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Clarissa Morawski, Managing Director of Reloop, explains the #circulareconomy and how it could be a solution to issues like waste management in The Agenda, TVO’s flagship current affairs program, devoted to exploring social, political, cultural & economic issues.

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Jun / 23

“Reusable packaging must be protected”

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Reloop has taken part in the joint letter of 32 associations sent by the European Environmental Bureau to Mr. Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, asking for protection of reusable packaging.

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Jun / 22

Top ten priorities
for Circular Economy Package

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The aim of this position paper is to provide a series of specific recommendations as input into the ongoing discussions on the development of the new Circular Economy Package Get the position paper or print it from here

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Jun / 15

Walking the circle

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The 4 guiding pillars for a Circular Economy: Efficient material management, reduction of toxic substances, energy efficiency and economic incentives Reloop takes part in this joint paper that highlights four key areas the undersigned NGOs believe must be addressed by the EU institutions to ensure a fully functioning circular economy, and some of the often overlooked […]

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Jun / 02

More prosperity, new jobs

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While we remain critical of scrapping the previous package, we welcome the efforts to strengthen it further in order to expedite the emergence of a true circular economy, meaning that circular business models become the norm rather than the exception. Our three organisations together represent over 2300 companies from all sectors, including both multinationals and […]

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